LipiFlow® (Dry Eye Treatment)

Do you experience dry eyes?

LipiFlow® can help. 

Information about the LipiFlow® procedure is courtesy of Johnson&Johnson.

What is LipiFlow®?

The TearScience® LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System is a medical device used by physicians to address Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). It consists of a Console and a single-use sterile device, known as the Activator, and has a drug-free mechanism of action. Eye care professionals use the LipiFlow® System to treat MGD patients in-office with confidence and efficiency.


The LipiFlow® System represents more than 10 years of dedicated research. The device gently warms and massages the inside of the eyelids, evacuating the gland contents to restore healthy oil production and improve tear quality. 

Benefits of LipiFlow®

LipiFlow is a gentle, natural treatment that reduces the need for eye drops. It’s painless and tends to give longer-term relief from dry eye symptoms than alternative treatments. The results can last about 12 months and the procedure can be repeated. 

What happens during the LipiFlow® procedure?

  1. First, our clinic will use the LipiScan imaging device to examine your Meibomian glands. This will help your technician make a diagnosis, which may involve additional testing.
  2. If it’s determined that you do have MGD, you can proceed with receiving the 12-minute LipiFlow treatment. Before it begins, one of our technicians will use numbing drops (the same ones routinely used at yearly eye exams) to help ease any potential discomfort from the procedure.
  3. Next, the system’s activators—dome-shaped, single-use sterile devices—are placed on your eyes. Their vaulted shape keeps your corneas protected during the treatment, which focuses on the inner eyelids, where the Meibomian glands are located.
  4. Using what’s called Vector Thermal Pulsation technology, the activators send heat into the glands inside your lids. This combination of heat plus pressure massages any blockages and liquefies and clears the obstructions that are causing your symptoms.

How the LipiFlow® System Works

The procedure centres around the breakthrough Vector Thermal Pulse Technology (VTP)

After an initial anesthetic drop, no drugs are required for the procedure

The LipiFlow® system safely delivers therapeutic energies to the meibomian glands while protecting the delicate structures of the patient’s eye

As a result, the obstructed meibum is liquefied and pushed up and out of the gland orifices

Contoured design vaults the cornea and protects the eye

Heat and pressure are regulated with redundant sensors


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