Our Featured Promotion – Spring 2023

We are dedicated to helping the most people we can to fix their eyes and change their lives. 

While some folks may worry that LASIK vision correction is too costly, we are very pleased to offer our own financing options to help ease the upfront cost.

Learn more or apply for our financing program today: 

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The Gift of Sight

We love to hear the positive feedback from our clients.

One comment we receive all the time is: “I wish I could tell the world how easy and life-changing this procedure is.”

So, now we’re giving YOU the opportunity to refer someone you know to our services! Our new referral program allows you to spread the word about LENS & LASIK to your friends and family.

If they become a patient with us they will receive a discount on their procedure price – and you’ll get a FREE gift-card as a token of our thanks!

If you know someone who needs to fix their eyes and change their life, reach out to day.


Our newest instalment of “LIVE with Dr. Christopher Jackman” is coming soon!

This month we’re speaking about our growth as a company to become the premier LASIK and Laser Eye Care Clinic in the Atlantic provinces!

– What’s our company’s story?
– How have our services changed over the years?
– What sets us apart from other care providers?
Attend the next LIVE event here: